Tom Behr

Working with Roget was great. Roget believed in the property and what it could bring.

Most real estate people would go for the norm just to get a quick sale. Roget definitely stands out from them.

New Jersey

Jerry White

As a lifelong resident in the area and a real estate aficionado, Roget offered more knowledge and insight into my property search than I could hope for.

He steered me in the right direction and I never thought that he had anything but my best interests in mind.


Catherine T. Porter – Washington Counsel & Director of Public Policy Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Roget Kuhn has an excellent feel for the real estate market in the Aspen area. He grew up in the area and knows it well. He sold us two properties in Aspen, both of which he is now managing for us.

We were very pleased with his skills in finding appropriate properties for us. He was also skillful in negotiating a good price for each of the properties, and he put us in touch with several lenders so that we had a choice of financing services.

After the purchase, he found tenants for each of the properties, and now he manages the repairs, improvements or other issues that arise in maintaining the properties.

Roget seems to know good repairmen and he has responded in a timely manner to any issues that needed attention. We have been very happy with his professional services and we have also enjoyed his very friendly and courteous manner.

1666 K Street N.W., Suite 420 Washington, DC 20006

Pattie Firestone

Roget Kuhn treated us like family and helped us find the right property for the right price in our budget. I recommended him to my sister who bought two properties and to a friend who also bought a condo.

Roget knows the market from Glenwood Springs to Aspen, raw land, houses, or condos and helped us find financing as well.

Having grown up in Aspen, Roget knows the market and is a pleasure to work with. We would use Roget for our next purchase in the Aspen area.

Washington D.C.

Jeff and Laura Miller

Working with Roget Kuhn for both a purchase and sale really spoiled us in that he took care of everything in such an effective, efficient and professional manner that we were left wishing we could have used him for our relocation in New York as well.

Roget truly took the stress and uncertainty out of the process entirely. Fantastic! We look forward to working with him again and would highly recommend him to everyone!

Armonk, NY